Homes Designed to Foster Community


"A pocket neighborhood is a type of planned community that consists of a grouping of smaller residences, often around a courtyard or common garden, designed to promote a close knit sense of community and neighborliness with an increased level of contact." 
Home Builder Network. Builder, September 2005. 
"Pocket Change". Retrieved on July 28, 2009. Wikipedia

Harvest Village will be Napa’s first Net-Zero Energy Pocket Neighborhood. Our goal is to take a “pocket neighborhood” and turn it in to a “Thriving Community”. We do so by making the homes at Harvest Village extremely green, sustainable, and healthy. We believe that a healthy community is essential to the creation of a happy home. Harvest Village will be a place where people love to live.

Our project will be certified as either LEED Gold or Platinum. Through the use of solar panels our homes plan to have no utility bills, with the possibility of generating excess power. Also, these panels will serve as the energy source to heat your water. We have designed these homes to consume very little water. This is achieved by use of grey water systems and water efficient appliances. We want your families to walk in to a healthy environment that will last for a lifetime. The materials we use are non-toxic and highly durable. Homeowners will be happier knowing that their home is healthy and requires low maintenance.  


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